Lise Klaveness, respekt

Hun sto opp i mot «øvrigheta», det er så riktig og vanvittig bra at FIFA pampene endelig får passet påskrevet. Måtte ei dame til, og jeg Bare muligheter er stolt av å være norsk.

Takk også til Anita Krohn Traaseth som delte dette på LinkedIn den 3/4-22.

Meet Lise Klaveness , the new president of the Norwegian Football Federation (and first female president ever in this role in Norway, elected March 2022).  She is also a lawyer and former footballer who played 73 matches for the Norway women’s national football team.

Listen to her speech

Dear President, Dear Congress, Ladies and Gentlemen

– Our game can inspire dreams and break down barriers. But as leaders we must do it right, to the highest standards.

– In 2010, the world cup was awarded by FIFA in unacceptable ways with unacceptable consequences. Human rights, equality, democracy, the core interests of football, were not in the starting 11 until many years later. These basic rights were pressured on as substitutes, mainly by outside voices. FIFA has later addressed these issues, but there is still a long way to go.

– FIFA has recognised its responsibility under the UN Guiding Principles for Human Rights and now includes human rights criteria for future World Cup hosts. It is vital that the current leadership wholeheartedly continue in this way, truly moving from policy to impact.

– There is no room for employers who do not secure the freedom and safety of world cup workers.

– No room for leaders that cannot host the women´s game.

– No room for hosts that cannot legally guarantee the safety and respect of LGBTQ+ people coming to this theatre of dreams.

– I pledge that the Norwegian FA and I personally will support every initiative which safeguards the core interest of football, human rights and promotes diversity and anti-discrimination. This is also supported by our friends in the other Nordic Football Associations.

We have a brutal war in Europe now. As in wars on all continents, innocent people are being killed in meaningless fights for power. A previous world cup host has invaded the country of one of our members. Initially, FIFA hesitated. International pressure forced real action. Rather than follow, FIFA must lead.

– Dear President, Dear Congress – I am new here, the girl with the orange ball has come far from home. I often get asked how it is to work in a man´s world. I always answer: I don’t. I do not work in a man´s world. Football belongs to all girls and boys in the world.

So I truly share your belief that ours is indeed the beautiful and global game. Let us stand together and live up to the promise and dreams we give to everyone who takes that first kick of the ball.

Thank you.

It is a masterpiece demonstrating why one should choose leadership tasks and how one can deliver on the responsibility.

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