Everton har utfordringer

This is part of the problem. After two years of relegation battles, and 28 years without a trophy, the club and we supporters still believe the club are big. The club is historically big in England, but small globally. And the resoults the last 28 years are not much to brag about. Its a difference being a great club and a big club. It’s time to wake up, face reality and build faith that this great club once again can reach the top and win trophies. Personally, I’m not convinced that the squad we now have will end top 15. The team need leaders ON the pitch, I don’t see anyone like Kendall, Reid or Ratcliffe in that role now. I trust in Dyche, but we need players to step up and be leaders, and a goal scorer. Looking forward to the new stadium, Its fantastic. COYB

DA, July 2023

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